Joe Glover

Speaker, author, follower of the The Road Less Traveled, serial entrepreneur, co-founder of Job Creation Institute

Early Life:

Upon graduating from high school, Joe Glover left his home in north Louisiana to accept an appointment to the United States Naval Academy. Joe served in several leadership positions. Following the Naval Academy he graduated from Marine Officer Basic Training, Army Ranger training and Army Airborne school and began what he thought would be a long career in the United States Marine Corps.

Early Career:

He was later recruited to join one of the nation’s fastest growing tech companies and helped that company launch its entry into the personal computer market as head of its Business Systems Division. This exposed him to many of the most successful of the industry’s founders. He also met and worked with many of those founders who did not survive the industry’s growth and evolution.

Late Career:

He left the corporate world to establish one of the world’s first educational software companies and to develop online learning services. After selling this company to a British technology company, he was involved in the first voice mail development effort and one of the first online restaurant/hotel systems. These activities required him to become fully knowledgeable about the process of raising capital and the regulations controlling that process.

After more than two decades of work in emerging technology, he was one of the founders of DIVA, Digital Technology & Voice Access. An early participant in the online shopping niche, the company expanded to 11 cities and achieved status as one of the market’s key prospects. The combination of the collapse, the Enron debacle and the attacks of 9/11 provided the perfect storm to end this venture in a devastating manner.

Present Day:

After this experience and then surviving years of battling cancer, he joined with previous associates to co-found Job Creation Institute. Their goal is to promote the magnificent power of the American Free Enterprise System and to create greater awareness of its importance to all Americans. They also seek to share their stories, experiences and lessons learned to create a larger number of entrepreneurs, investors and advisors focused on startups and small businesses.